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Speech like a professional

Giving a good speech or presentation. It seems so easy, yet it is often difficult. Even the greatest natural leaders, with whom it seems to go without saying, do not just shake this up. No, because all professionals practice under the guidance of an expert. Learn tips and tricks, go back to the core and practice, practice, practice, so that they are well prepared. So presenting skills cann be acquired.

Speechcompany provides tailor-made coaching and presentation training. Where authenticity comes first. In which we look together for your expressiveness, the magic in your story. Each trainee follows his own path, because the key for one person to presenting brilliantly can actually backfire for another.

Speechcompany does not believe in tricks, but in sincere, convincing, vulnerable and therefore powerful presentation. From the base. From yourself. That is why our training courses are tailor-made. We provide a treasure chest of personal tools, making presenting much easier, more convincing and inspiring. The preparations and presentation require considerably less stress and energy. In which case fear of public speaking or stage fear disappears, because we look systemically at the origin. People learn to take the stage and stand in the light and perform spot-on at crucial moments. So that every story becomes a success. Because a good speech or presentation has impact, takes off and inspires with his or her magic.

Due to the corona crisis, many people have to present online. We also can help you excellently with this, because of our background in the theater and film world. Better than anyone else we know how a camera works. The do's & don'ts. And how to get the best results from the camera to engage, inspire and convey your message to your audience.

All our training courses can be followed both live and online.
We can also schedule training courses on request, feel yourself free to ask about the possibilities
If you have symptoms of corona, we will move the training free of charge to a later desirable time in consultation. 

How can we help you?

Speechcompany provides different types of training.

Individual coaching

Do you have an important speech or presentation? We are happy to help you. Learn to take your presentation to the next level, under expert guidance so that you can present in an inspiring way at crucial moments, convincingly, without stress, both live and online.

Open enrollment

Do you suffer from public anxiety? Do you want to learn to present fluently like a professional, or do you want to learn some basic techniques? Or get acquainted with Storytelling and how you can use this to connect? Speechcompany offers you various training courses.

in-company training

Do you want your team or organization to learn to present convincingly, in an interesting and inspiring way? Or learn to convey the story of the organization better? Which can! Speechcompany offers all tailor-made training courses. Different routes are possible. Inquire about the possibilities without obligation.


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