An experience to never forget. The training that Bente provides is rightfully a "one of a kind" training. I have been struggling with deep-rooted stage fear for years. It became a stubborn place in my heart and head and seemed like an unbreakable barrier. Certainly in view of my political and ecclesiastical ambitions, this is not useful. It affects my dreams in a negative way. Bente is disarming in her training, she provides safety but also challenges, she knows how to hit me, which made me dare to break through the barrier. Her treatment is equal, empathetic but also decisive. I have felt sincerely invited to overcome this barrier. “No victory without a fight” was the theme of the final product in the form of a speech / presentation. I can honestly say that the victory has been achieved. Does this mean that the fear is completely gone and that I hop on a stage without hesitation? No, certainly not, but Bente taught me how to make the connection between body and mind. I have learned to enjoy a good presentation without fear and with healthy tension. And I look forward to shaping my entrepreneurship within healthcare and pursuing my ambitions within church and politics.

Boudewijn Vlot,

Director of Victory, protected and assisted living

At Bente Jonker's Speechcompany I followed her latest training “Present yourself, job application training” last week. 
If you are searching and that search shines through in the job interviews you have, this training is highly recommended! 
But also if you just have to apply. We practiced my “who am I” pitch. We also looked at how I come across in a conversation live and online. Bente can take you to a higher level with humor and sharp remarks! It has meant that I have already conducted 2 very pleasant, but above all good job interviews. The conversations were online, but the connection was felt back and forth. So, if you are looking for different work, this training is more than worth it!

Dorien Maas,

School principal, a.i.

Under the guidance of Bente I was allowed to follow a speech training. It was an eye opener for me. Bente was able to encourage me to step outside my comfort zone and thereby achieve actual results. Speeching is not what I was born for, but through the course where I worked with simple objectives and many practical exercises, presenting is now much better for me. The course group was small, so there is a lot of personal attention for you. Highly recommended for anyone who regularly or occasionally gives presentations.

Monica Stekelenburg

Development and Acquisition Manager Van Wonen, Vastgoedontwikkeling B.V.

Recently I followed a 3-day training "learn to present better" at Bente. I have quite a bit of experience with presenting, also on larger stages, but I found my style too professional and distant. And luckily the training matched what I was looking for. You learn most of it outside your comfort zone. This training is certainly on the edge of your comfort zone, and therefore a safe and trusted environment is important. Bente knows exactly how to create it by sharing her stories and experiences. By practicing a lot, I could immediately try what works well during the training. I have received a lot of practical tools and exercises so that I will never be on stage in the old way again. Happy. 😊 I will definitely come back here.

Pim de Vis,

Sr Solutions Architect at VMware

I have experienced Bente as a skilled trainer who immediately puts you at ease and knows how to put you in your strength.
She sees you, observes you and immediately knows where profit points can be gained to teach you how to speak properly.
To learn how to speak, you are in very good hands with Bente. She also has a nice way of working and a very nice way of dealing with people.
An absolute must!

Renald Majoor, 

Ambassadeur veilig sportklimaat NL (NOC*NSF), Owner Stichting De stilte verbroken & Sporters helpen sporters

What an experience! That three-day training with Bente. In my work I regularly speak in front of large groups, terrible! But always bluffed me through it. After 3 days with Bente, I no longer feel like I want to run away. Do I like presenting, NO! but I do feel much more comfortable with all the tools, techniques and insights she has given me.
Bente is a professional; professional, confrontational, inviting and very helpful in helping you. To help you step out of your comfort zone and go beyond boundaries. In a way that you feel safe, and at the end of the day you go home with pride and confidence.
One of the best investments in myself ever! Thanks Bente!

Robert Mutsaers,

independent crisis and change manager / site manager a.i. Action

Bente, to learn to breathe safely under your wings and to trust in a group, and then to be able to spread the wings under your own strength and with self-confidence! I wish that to everyone!

See also the word of thanks at the back of my book 'The dirty nest': “Bente Jonker. She knows that this book is not a final destination but just a stepping stone to a higher goal. Namely: putting the message of the book in the world and presenting it through the spoken word. On stage, carefully supported by appropriate silences, the right intonations and true body language. For me this mission means that it far exceeds my personal boundaries because I am not a group person. Searching for a life preserver, I came to her. I have signed up to overcome my fear of public speaking in front of a large group under her expert and inspiring guidance. She understood better than anyone that my mission is greater than my insecurities and has helped me to embrace them and thus overcome them. More than thank you. ”

José Al,

Psychotrauma therapist, writer

Six months ago I followed a training course on presenting at Bente. I learned from her how important it is to 'take yourself with you', to tell your own story and to collect little gems for that. This makes it easier for you to make contact with the other and presenting takes much less energy. I noticed that effect immediately after the training, but even now. Much more often I choose not to listen to my internal critical voice and instead to show myself more. That pays off! Bente is a good example of this during her training sessions. She watches and listens carefully and gives you tips on what makes you grow.

Marieke de Goede,

Project employee Dementia-friendly together

Together with a manager from my team I had a presentation training for a duo speech abroad (India).
We learned a lot and received very valuable feedback during the training, which we immediately applied in practice, making the speech a delight to do.
We also had a lot of fun during the presentation training and I can recommend everyone to follow a training if you have to present something for an important event.
Bente thanks!

Frans van Surksum,

Director ECC, Volker Wessels Telecom

I can recommend following a training at Bente. Especially if, like me, you feel enormous resistance when giving presentations. Bente taught me to look at the audience, to bite through the fear. By practicing, naming and consciously dealing with the signals that your body gives off while presenting. Breathe, take breaks, look at it: everything seems to take forever on stage. But that is not so bad and is necessary to keep the peace.
Bente also provides starting points for the construction of your story. Your walking route on stage can help you remember your story.
I attended every meeting with great reluctance, but after the day I was a big step further in my learning process. Because Bente was able to quickly recognize everyone's learning points. To then get started with humor and personal, concrete tools in a safe learning environment.

Jolinda van Dijk,

Manager Servicebureau Onderwijs&Cultuur |Zuid-Holland

At Bente I followed the 3 day training to learn to present better. In the training you will learn techniques to present well. To present well it is important that you feel comfortable, because then you learn to work with your listener / audience and your presentation reaches your audience. That works with Bente as a trainer. It makes the training really valuable and applicable.

Hermien Koerts,

building physics consultant

Bente is an open and curious coach. Creating trust creates room for personal development. I thought it was an adventure!

Cleo Greidanus,

Housing info

Keeping calm and radiating confidence: for me the most important ingredients for a successful presentation. In 2 days, Bente pulled me out of my comfort zone and gave me really good tools, so that I took great steps forward in my presentation skills. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone to follow training at Bente! 

Max Trienekens,

adviseur, Dietz Strategie & Communicatie

Hieronder staan eerdere reviews die Bente als trainer mocht ontvangen op Springest bij voorgaande opdrachtgevers:

Beoordeling Springest: 10

Mijn ervaring met Bente Jonker als trainer.
Om te beginnen heb ik zelden iemand ontmoet die zo natuurlijk in haar kracht staat als Bente. Die je positiviteit, kwaliteit, veiligheid en ruimte biedt om vanuit je eigen kracht stappen te zetten in een door jouw gewenste richting. Ikzelf heb al heel wat trainers meegemaakt maar Bente is als persoonlijkheid en als trainer een klasse apart als het gaat om ervaring, persoonlijke aandacht en kwaliteit.
En als psycholoog en coach met 30 jaar ervaring weet ik waarover ik spreek. Afgelopen juli 2020 heb ik bij Bente een training gevolgd om meer natuurlijk te leren spreken op het podium. Deze heb ik uitzonderlijk krachtig en inspirerend gevonden. Bente heeft mij in drie dagen teruggezet in mijn kracht om meer vrijuit en natuurlijk te spreken op het podium. Maar ook heeft zij ervoor gezorgd dat mijn persoonlijke pijnpunten die mij dwars zaten om vrijuit te spreken zijn opgelost. De trainingsformule die zij daarvoor gebruikt is typerend voor haar. Laagdrempelig, basic en van toch een hoog kwaliteitsgehalte qua inhoud en verdieping vanuit een warme en krachtige persoonlijke aanpak. Als trainer verstaat Bente als geen ander het vak om mensen zo te laat openbloeien in kwetsbaarheid en kracht. Ze laat mensen bodemschurend opbloeien tot zo een punt dat je je volledig in je kracht voelt staan. Dit doet ze vanuit een gedegen ervaring maar vooral met een krachtige persoonlijke eigenheid die uniek mag worden genoemd in trainingsland. Voor mij is het onuitwisbare ervaring geweest in nieuwe stapstenen richting in meer krachtige succesvolle toekomst op het podium. Volgend jaar ga ik mijn volgende nieuwe stappen zeker met haar zetten om nog meer een te worden met het podium. Ik weet zeker dat ik met Bente als trainer hierin ga slagen.
Bente thanks!

Freek Offeringa,

CabaretCoach Psycholoog

Beoordeling Springest: 10

Krachtige inleiding wat leidt tot een snel intiem groepsgevoel. Bente heeft de training goed verdeeld over twee dagen. Veel afwisseling. Ik heb veel geleerd en het boek geeft handige tips en trucs waar je altijd nog even kan inkijken.

Dilek Sener


Beoordeling Springest: 10

"Bente is een van de beste trainers die  ik ooit meegemaakt heb. Sprankelend, warm, deskundig. En ze schuwt het zeker niet om uit te dagen om uit je comfort zone te treden :-)"

Leona Aarsen,

CSR stresscoach & burn-out therapeut voor hoogopgeleiden

Speechcompany and COVID
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