You have to hang the garlands yourself

Who does not know the saying? Life is a party, but you have to hang the garlands yourself.
You have to make something out of it yourself. You have to do it yourself.
This also applies to a presentation. You are in control. You are the speaker that everyone will soon be listening to.
It is not for nothing that they asked you to give a presentation, because you know a lot about something. Take that seriously.
Make sure you appear on the scene. That you practiced out loud. That you don't speak too long, but also not too short.
That you have done a warm-up beforehand and have explored the room. Make sure your audience lineup is good. That you can make good contact. Be in the natural center, as a natural leader. Not too close, because then it becomes too intimate, but also not too far away, because then it is distant. Ensure safety, for you and for the audience.
Provide liveliness. Both in your voice and in your presentation. Because with a monotonous story, we fall asleep and when it is boring we want to leave. So ensure variety, interaction during your presentation. Do not just send, but also sometimes ask a question. Use the room, the knowledge of your audience. Do it together.
Never put the handout on the chairs beforehand, because then your audience will be there with its attention instead of with you. Provide a framework, tell them that they can receive the handout afterwards, possibly by e-mail. Tell them how long you are going to speak, then they will know where they stand. Make sure you get the attention as a natural leader, that you do not have to enforce because then you are already 1-0 behind.
Make sure you know how to captivate, that you surprise, that you tell expressively during your presentation and not abstractly.
Make sure you present authentically. Never try to imitate another, get it out of yourself.
Make sure you take your audience on a journey in your story.
Make it your party. That it is you who hang the garlands and treat the audience to an inspiring, sparkling presentation!

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