Pearl in Haarlem

Our training room is located in North Holland, on the edge of the center of Haarlem. Everyone who has come in so far experiences it as an oasis of peace. A gem, hidden in the building on the beautiful Zijlweg. Here people can work undisturbed on their speech or presentation under expert guidance. But also sharpen their presentation techniques, or learn how to tell an impressive story through storytelling. The story behind the story, which touches and connects, so not the smooth talk.
Here we work on fear of public speaking, which always leads to a deeper layer back in yourself.
But in order to learn it must first be safe. So that you can slowly move from your comfort zone to the edge of it, where the learning zone is located. That is why security, having confidence, finding the peace of mind to look at things is extremely important when it comes to fear of public speaking and resetting old systems. Standing in the light, coming out is extremely fragile. A safe place to land is crucial for trainees. The group, the trainer, but also the environment are of essential importance.
Last year there was a survey among the audience at podium Witteman about the taste of chocolate while they listened to two different types of music. With heavy music the chocolate was experienced as bitter, with the lighter music the chocolate was found to be considerably sweeter. However, it was the same chocolate. This shows that the environment influences your experience.
This also applies to presentations and training. That is why I am very grateful for the beautiful space, the pearl, in the beating heart of Haarlem where we landed with Speechcompany.

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