Present yourself, job interview

It can be a difficult job.
How do you distinguish yourself? How do you make that indelible impression that makes the employer think: Yes, I want him or her in my team? Does the content of your story match your body language? Are you yourself or do you pretend to be bigger and better, or do you make yourself small and submissive? How can you stay in touch with your self and also with your interviewer? And show inner peace and enthusiasm?

Speechcompany is happy to help. We offer you the opportunity to practice your interview under professional supervision, one on one or in a group. Thirst things thirst. We will look at your story. Then we will use your authentic story to practice. We will provide you with valuable tools that you can use during your interview. Armed with this tools you will be abele to show yourself at your best side, authentic, vulnerable from your inner power. The job interview training, for anyone who wants to take a new step.

We work on:

  • Inner peace
  • Connection
  • Body language and non-verbal communication, sound / intonation, breathing
  • Dealing with stress, physically and mentally
  • Conversation techniques
  • Storytelling
  • Different communication models

After this half day training you can:

  • Enter job interview confidently
  • You have practiced your story and you can talk about it freely
  • Present yourself well

Your investment:

€ 395, - excl. VAT
This price includes:
3 hours of individual training
Preparation time of the trainer
Personal feedback
Coffee, tea, snacks
The manual 'Fluid presentation' that you will receive afterwards

Student? Contact us for more information for reduced prices.

Job interview training is an individual training of half a day and can be scheduled on request.
Present yourself can be followed both online and live. Feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities. online als life gevolgd worden. Neem gerust contact op en vraag naar de mogelijkheden.

COVID 19  
Speechcompany follows the regulations of the RIVM and the guideline of the NOBTRA (Dutch order professional trainers).

Training dates

Scheduled on request. Register and indicate your personal preference. Or contact us by phone 06-25261218
Speechcompany and COVID
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