Individual coaching

Planning an important speech or presentation? We are happy to help.
In our individual coaching sessions we work on the structure of your story, the content, a clear core message and we teach presentation techniques. we work on natural calmth in your presentation, body language, attitude, eye contact, breathing and the use of your voice. Because you don't just present with words. With body language and the use of silence you reinforce a message. It all starts with awareness. What are you presenting and how are you dining it. We help you discover your blind spots through professional feedback, so that you learn what your pitfalls are. In our coaching sessions we use different communication models, presentation techniques, the power of Greek rhetoric and the laws of theater.
It takes practice. Then your story can sink in, you can make it your own and sharpen it and you know how to hold the common thread. 
This way you learn to take your presentation to a higher level, so that you can present spot on, convincing and inspiring at crucial moments.

 ‘Het nieuwe normaal.’ 

Geen probleem! Door onze achtergrond in de toneel- en filmwereld kunnen wij je uitstekend helpen hoe je voor de camera overtuigend, vloeiend en als een natuurlijk leider kunt presenteren. Hierbij werken we aan een sterke inhoud, je presentatie vaardigheden en de regie. Hoe maak je contact? Breng je jouw boodschap authentiek over? Hoe kun je inspireren, de aandacht vasthouden en de spanningsboog doortrekken naar het eind? Wat zijn de do’s en don’ts voor een camera? 

After individual coaching you can:

  • Deliver a well prepared presentation or speech
  • Your story is rock solid
  • You can present, improvise and stay in control in an authentic way with less stress

Your investment: 

from € 175 per hour excl. VAT
1.5 hours € 257, - excl. VAT 
2 x 1.5 hours € 510 excl. VAT
3 x 1.5 hours € 750 excl. VAT

This price includes:
Training and training location
Preparation time of the trainer
Personal feedback during and after each session
Coffee, tea, juice 
After this training you will receive the book "Presenting is a party"

Student? Contact us for more information for reduced prices.

COVID 19  
Speechcompany follows the regulations of the RIVM and the guideline of the NOBTRA (Dutch order professional trainers).

It is also possible to follow online coaching. Contact us for more information. 

Training dates

Scheduled on request. Register and indicate your personal preference. Or contact us by phone 06-25261218
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