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Presenting and managing online is a profession in itself. Although it is the new normal nowadays and we have to, we sometimes face a major challenge. Because how do you get the audience or your team into your story? How do you know if what you're saying really got across? How do you step forward in a large online group, if it is already difficult to get a seat or give your opinion live? 
The problem with virtual presentations is that it is much more difficult for us to make contact with our audience. We can barely look them in the eye or read body language. We miss the direct interaction of, for example, a smile, yawn, live feedback or an affirmative nod that the message has been conveyed. 
This can ensure that as a speaker you get the feeling that nobody is listening. The danger here is that people will also speak if no one is listening.
Recent research has shown that virtual presentation makes people much more insecure. They speak monotonously, quickly wanders in thought and sentences are not completed.
In short, quite a job to present virtually in an inspiring way and to give your audience the feeling that, although at a distance, you are still close by.

In our specialist basic training presenting online, you will be provided with all the tools that are essential for a professional virtual presentation. 
You will learn how to connect and stay in touch with your audience.
You learn how to play with the camera. How you can use certain rhetoric to give your audience the feeling that you are talking together. As a natural leader you learn to take control and how you can take your audience on a journey in your story.

We work on:

  • Connection
  • Gebruikmaken van de camera
  • Bewustwording lichaamstaal en non-verbale communicatie
  • Inzetten retorica
  • Liveliness of voice and intonation
  • A clear core message
  • How to build a speech or presentation from different communication models
  • Interaction
  • Persuasiveness   

After this training of 2 x 1.5 hours you can:

  • Include your team or audience in your online presentation from connection
  • Formulate a clear core message
  • Keep your presentation alive

 Your investment:

€ 495, - excl. VAT.
This price includes:
2 x 1,5 uur online training via zoom
Preparation time trainer
Personal feedback     
The manual 'Fluid presentation' that you will receive afterwards

Student? Contact us for more information for reduced prices.

This training is online in zoom. 

Behoeft aan meer verdieping of een vervolg? Dan is de driedaagse training ‘vloeiend presenteren’ misschien meer iets voor jou. Hierin leer je authentiek, vloeiend en met impact presenteren als een natuurlijk leider.
Last van podiumvrees of spreekangst, ben je een spraakwaterval, heb je een trillende stem, bibberende knieën of last van black-out’s?
Then we recommend our 3-day training "presentation overcoming fear."
In this we look at the origin where your injury was sustained, and then grasp it in order to let go. So that you can stand freely in the light again. From the mindset: "This is me and I am good enough."
This makes vulnerability strength.

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Speechcompany follows the regulations of the RIVM and the guideline of the NOBTRA (Dutch order professional trainers).

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Ontvang 10 tips om vloeiend of stressvrij te presenteren

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