Stress-free presenting

Fear of public speaking, stage fright, trembling voice, trembling knees, blackouts or rattling...and the ever present inner voice: "Am I good enough?"
De een heeft er meer last van dan de ander. Uit onderzoek onder studenten is gebleken dat 95% liever in de zaal wil zitten dan vooraan op het podium te staan en te moeten spreken voor grote groepen. Stress en zenuwen. Zolang het beheersbaar blijft is er niets aan de hand. Maar soms is de angst zo groot dat het je hele presentatie of speech beheerst. Als overlevingsmechanisme gaan we dan tijdens een presentatie vluchten, vechten, of bevriezen (flight, fight, freeze). Zo zonde, want het hoeft niet! 

In onze driedaagse training  kunnen wij je helpen, zodat de stress beheersbaar wordt, presenteren weer leuk wordt en jij je spreekangst kunt overwinnen! Samen gaan we op reis, kijken naar de oorsprong, want ergens is deze angst, deze kwetsuur ontstaan.
By first looking at the source of your fear, and looking at in the eye, you can then grasp it, embrace it, and let it go. Vulnerability becomes your strength.
We practice safely in a small group. It takes courage. Practice makes perfect. So you learn to present and in visual and playful way by practicing. So that it becomes fun, control your nerves and stand in the light relaxed as a natural leader without stress or fear.
Because really, you can overcome your presentation anxiety!

We work on:

  • safety first
  • Inner peace
  • Connection
  • Body language
  • Breathing technics
  • Sound / intonation / dare to sound
  • Dealing with stress, physically and mentally
  • Presenting with interaction
  • Conversation techniques
  • A clear core message
  • Content
  • Using different communication models
  • Effectively add movement and vibrancy
  • Dare to inspire, think out of the box, authenticity
  • Persuasiveness from Greek rhetoric ethos, pathos, logos
  • Prepare effectively
  • Overcoming audience resistance
  • Opening and closing your presentation
  • Control your meeting and presentation
  • Presenting as a duo 

After this 3-day training you can:

  • You can present without stress and fear
  • Presenting becomes fun
  • You can present authentically with confidence

Your investment: 

€ 1280, - excl. VAT.
This price includes:
3 days of training and training location
Preparation time of the trainer
Personal feedback during and after each session
Coffee, tea, drinks, lunch
The manual 'Fluent presentation' that you will receive after the 1st day

Student? Contact us for more information for reduced prices.

Our training courses are safe in a small group of maximum 6 participants, giving everyone a lot of opportunity to practice.

Speechcompany follows the regulations of the RIVM and the guideline of the NOBTRA (Dutch order professional trainers).

Training dates

Scheduled on request. Register and indicate your personal preference. Or contact us by phone 06-25261218

Ontvang 10 tips om vloeiend of stressvrij te presenteren

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