The story of my (corporate) life

Stories are as old as the world. They connect, inspire and motivate.
Stories give meaning, organize, ensure that one can identify and that one feels more involved. Where do we come from, where do we stand together and where are we going?
Storytelling can give meaning to the vision of your company or organization, the values and strategies, so that you can communicate them together to the outside world.
At Speechcompany you learn how you can take people on a journey through Storytelling in your story, take them with you when there is a change of course, and how you can take them with them to a changing culture.
"In order to live life forward, it must be understood backward."
By telling visually, an organization gets a face and the abstract corporate culture disappears into the background.
In Speechcompany's two-day storytelling training, you learn to tell and present your personal or corporate story. So that you know how to inspire, move and bind your audience. Because a good story always brings about something. A good story has magic, a sparkle that transcends everything.

We work on:

  • Structure of the story
  • Plot / story how do you make it exciting
  • Visual telling
  • Motive, why of the story
  • Ethos, pathos, logos
  • The hero's journey
  • Style resources
  • Collect and add small anecdotes
  • Key message
  • Presentation techniques
  • Directing your story
  • The magic of your story 

After this 2 day training:

  • Do you have the building blocks to construct a good story visually
  • you are able to tell and present your personal or corporate story in an interesting way
  • Are you aware of the magic of your story, so that you know how to convince and inspire.

Your investment:

€ 890, - excl. VAT.
This price includes:
2 day training and training location
Preparation time of the trainer
Personal feedback during and after each session
Coffee, tea, drinks, lunch
The manual 'Fluent presentation' that you will receive after the 1st day

Student? Contact us for more information for reduced prices.

Our training courses are safe in a small group of maximum 6 participants, giving everyone a lot of opportunity to practice. 

COVID 19  
Speechcompany follows the regulations of the RIVM and the guideline of the NOBTRA (Dutch order professional trainers).

Training dates

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