Over Bente Jonker

Speechcompany is a small company, a gem among all the big oysters. Started by Bente. Empathetic and knowledgeable, lovingly confrontational, so that people can grow and become empowered.

Everything came to a halt like a bolt from the blue. The things that were normally taken for granted were no longer taken for granted. There was an invisible enemy who throws us all back on ourselves.
Corona. A global pandemic. In that silence of uncertainty, of sitting at home, of not being able and allowed to give training or helping people, the idea was born to set up Speechcompany. 
Bente Jonker, who worked with great success as head trainer under the care of Roeland Schweitzer for many years, decided that now was the time to leave the nest and spread her wings to start her own business.

With her background as an actress, theater maker, playwright, author of published children's books, trainer, systemic work and mother of a deaf and a hearing child. She knows better than anyone all her knowledge and expertise in the field of reflection, communication and systemic patterns to bundle.
As a result, she can help people a huge leap forward in presenting and overcoming their fear of public speaking.
She doesn't believe in tricks. The training is about contact and connection, authenticity. To stand in the light with all your vulnerability. As exciting as that is. From the mindset "this is me and I am good enough. I'm not going to pretend to be better, but I'm not going to be hurt either. "

"To be or not to be, that's the question ..."
Our great Shakespeare already wrote about it.
So you can be, in the moment, without getting ahead of the troops and being ten steps ahead in your head, but allowing everything in the here and now and taking your audience into your story, in your silence, from your vulnerable immeasurable strength?
That's what it's about.

Our mission is to teach everyone to present from that vulnerable force. Personal, but also businesslike, convincing, inspiring, spot-on, as a natural leader enchanting from your magic. 

In recent years, Bente has been able to achieve fantastic results as a trainer.
Both for companies and individuals. This is reflected in the wonderful feedback and reviews that they, among other things, on https://www.springest.nl/u/bente-jonker where her score as a trainer is a whopping one 9.8 is! 

Daarnaast werkt Speechcompany samen met  een klein team van gecertificeerde deskundige freelance trainers. Samen met hen verzorgt zij trainingen op maat.

You are very welcome to one of our training courses.

Ontvang 10 tips om vloeiend of stressvrij te presenteren

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